My interview for “The Mystery of the Lost Avenger” will air on The Authors Show on April 6, April 7, and April 8. Log on, scroll down to the schedule, and listen to how an idea becomes a book.

A brief review gives an insight of what’s to come in The Mystery of the Lost Avenger: It’s a page-turning mystery/ghost story with elements of women’s history, and the dynamic pair of Annie Tillery and Tyler Egan.

The story goes back and forth between the present and WWII’s 1943 as the team investigates a war plane that crashed in 1943, was found in the present, and traced to Annie’s family through a note left in the plane by Annie’s great grandmother.

Solving the mystery of why the plane crashed takes Annie, Ty, and Annie’s mother, Carol, back to great grandmother, Charlotte’s, world of wartime plane production and sabotage.

I enjoyed the mixture of mystery, history, science and romance that made me rush from the end of one chapter to the next. Only self- control kept me from peeking into the end of the book to see what happened.

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