. . . Why not branch out and use them while you’re waiting for that bestseller to happen?

Author Groups are one of the best places to share information, tips and experiences. One of my author friends told me about a series of lectures he has been doing for years. His lecture subject matter was an outgrowth of his career teaching history and his books.

I thought about my own career teaching science and my books and decided to come up with my own series. I called it Topics in Forensic Science. My friend gave me his contacts’ information and now I do these lectures on a regular basis. Even during Covid, I was able to do them remotely.

Other authors I know are painters and illustrators. Some are musicians. Another makes video book trailers. The list goes on. Pursuing your other talents can also provide you with venues to sell your books. As every author knows, writing is the fun part of producing a book, marketing requires even more imagination.  I hope this is a helpful hint.

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