• LOOKING FOR YOUR NICHE Feel like your hitting a wall with getting your book to the readers? Well, who are your readers? Let’s say you’ve written a book about herbs grown in Italy. Your niche could include: Italian Cooks, Italian History Buffs, Italian Herbalists, Italian Cultural Societies, Italian Gardens, History of Italian Culture/Food. All these tops, when googled, will give you clubs, organizations, courses and other books written on the topic. Reach out to them. Offer a book talk as a guest speaker. Ask to have your book included in their library/museum. You get the picture.
  • If you are writing mysteries, first pick the genre. If you think there is only one, look up the many different ones that exist, for example, true crime cozy, adventure, etc. Then, when writing the book, consider the setting. Who would be interested. If your mystery happens on a famous train tour, consider readers who are interested in the history of railroads, the highlights and destinations of train tours, celebrities who love train tours or who made train tours popular. 
  • Start by making your book unique in some way, and before you make that choice, consider how many different groups you can reach out to.