To become more than a summer romance, Ty Egan becomes a caring friend to Annie. What a dynamic combo! They share a common experience with alcoholic parents. This is Ty’s story.

The man in the bed looked dead.

Too bad he isn’t, thought the tall young man staring through the slats of the Venetian blinds that allowed a view of the patient in the ICU.

The man in the bed looked small and inconsequential, almost like a child, his face serenely composed in the cottony nothingness of the drug induced coma.

The young man startled as a warm hand clutched his hunched shoulder. He wiped his tear-stained cheeks with his sleeve and exhaled a sigh trembling with barely contained emotion. He turned and grasped the proffered hand.

“C’mon, Ty. We can’t do anything here.”

“Doc, why didn’t he die too?”

“That’s a question too big for me, Nephew.”

The young man and the old man headed down the dimly lit hallway.

“Tyler Egan!” The police officer stepped in front of the pair as they tried to exit.

Ty stopped short and looked at the officer without speaking, making no attempt to hide his tear-stained face and blood shot eyes.

“Son, we need you to help us make a report. And it’s best if you can give us as many details as you can while it’s fresh in your mind.”

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“Could I see the ghost?” I felt silly asking him, but when I looked up at Ty again, the thrill of excitement quivered once more.

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