It all started with a conversation I had with my son, Michael. We were going through the family photo albums.

“Who’s that, Mom?” he said pointing to a couple in a posed photo taken by a professional photographer. In the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. if you wanted a photo, you went to a professional photographer. Ordinary folks rarely possessed cameras.

“No one knows the answer to that,” I said looking at the couple.

He turned the cardboard picture over, no date to be found, only the name Schultz.

“Well, it’s Gramma’s side of the family. At least I know that much.”

Then it dawned on me. They’re all gone; grandparents, parents, most cousins, aunts and uncles, my dad’s work crew. There is no one to ask. I know a lot of stuff, but I am on my own with whatever resources I can find to answer the unanswerable.

I am the repository of the family folklore, and there’s so much I don’t know.


So, here’s the plan. You will be able to access excerpts from “62-15” in future newsletters as I produce them. Look for titles with links. Some material I want to include will require some research, just to get my facts right. I have some old photos too that may require some help. I’m hoping the libraries in Middle Village, Maspeth and Elmhurst will be a resource. I have only a rough idea of dates and I want to look at the original deed to the house. I have a partial family tree and some accounts of how my Frank grandparents entered the country. Here are some of the titles, but as the journey unfolds new titles may appear and other old ones disappear.

The House, The Property, The Neighborhood, Seasonal Rhythms, Baby Memories, School Days, Weddings, The War, Radio Shows, The Nuclear Age, Felix G. Frank: Florist and Gardener