The Many Faces of Plot Character and Setting

PLOT, CHARACTER AND SETTING ARE THE ELEMENTS OF FICTION WRITING Plot, character and setting are the elements of fiction writing that elicit many questions from both; writers of other writers, and readers of writers. The answers delivered by authors engender…

The Authors Show Gives my New Teen Mystery a Fun Interview

The Authors Show gives a platform to hundreds, maybe thousands of authors across all genre of literature.  Scroll down to the schedule of interviews, and find me, Linda Maria Frank, “The Mystery of the Lost Avenger”. Plot Character and setting…

Winner in the Author Show Contest

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Starting Annie’s New Book #4

I just started to write the fourth book of my Annie Tillery Mystery series. The enjoyable part of writing the book is now at hand because I have laid the groundwork I need to help me navigate through the plot…

Can you solve this one?

By Linda Maria Frank

Apparent Dangers of Drinking and Driving At 3:00 AM.
On Nov. 10, Marguerite Lange, her silver 2010Mercedes Sports Coupe, a half-filled bottle of vodka and a plastic bag of white powder landed in a ditch located at the bottom of a steep hill bordering Rte. 17 in upstate New York. The car had apparently gone out of control and went off the highway, rolling several times before landing upside down in the ditch. The police were able to recreate the accident from skid marks on the road and various impressions and disturbances observed in the area.