The Buccaneers of Saint Frederick Island

Finding Out About the Origins of St. Frederick Island

The time frame for “Buccaneers” is 1946, one year after the end of WWII. Like any war, but especially WWII, the homeland and population reflected its effects. Many coastal communities, East and West, suffered frequent visits from enemy submarines, German U-boats on the East Coast and their Japanese counterparts on the West Coast. 

Returning service members found ways to ease back into society. And the native population absorbed all of this. The war also afforded nefarious individuals the opportunity to take advantage of the spoils of war.

Thses historical perspectives are the backdrop for a small close-knit community to experience an unforgetable adventure.

The Island of St. Frederick is a treasure trove of spaces perfect for a mystery. A rocky shoreline interrupted by sandy beaches fade in and out of a persistent fog.  From the book, Chapter Four:

The path that would take us to the shack was easily accessed from behind our house. It led along the beach. It was quiet, a fog gently rolling off the surf as it did almost every day in late afternoon. Dog walkers dotted the line along the surf.

A few minutes into our walk I picked up the odor of charred wood. Mom said nothing and I was glad. My brain churned, trying to make sense of all the unanswered questions.

Was it an accident? I didn’t think so.

If it wasn’t, who did it?

Was it related to the stolen money?

How was I going to protect the ruined club house until tomorrow? Especially, since we had school.

The smell got so strong that I looked up expecting to see the smoldering ruins. A figure was appearing and disappearing among the burned timbers that remained upright. I ran toward the sight and yelled at the top of my lungs, “Hey, stop. Who are you?”

Then there are the caves. Caves are hiding places, meeting places, full of danger and surprises. And the caves on St. Frederick meet the bill.

It is an island of disparate communities from the Native American “reserve”, to the Beachies’ community, to St. BeSillius School, set in Pirate, Jon Buccleigh’s castle. It all weaves together at the hands of the people who live in those communities.

St. Frederick Island is a character in its own right. Come visit in “The Buccaneers of St. Frederick Island”.

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