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About this event:

Created by Trish Tergesen

and and and
Long Island University Long Island, NY

Every Tuesday in January
1pm to 3pm
a. Jan 10th- DNA Technology

This topic includes an explanation of how we are related and how we are differentiated through our DNA, and illustrates how this technology has become one of the best tools of criminologists. It covers the ways in which scientists have utilized the principles of DNA structure and function to create the methods used by science in fields of medicine, criminology and genealogy.

b. Jan 17th – Murder Cases

This lecture outlines how DNA analysis was used and misused in the O.J. Simpson trial, the Laci and Connor Petersen murders, the Sam Sheppard trial, and in attempting to discover the Boston Strangler’s identity. New cases, cold cases, and future cases have been and will be subjected to the technologies of DNA. A recap of DNA analysis techniques is included.

c. Jan 24th – Lindbergh Kidnapping

This was the first case dubbed the “Crime of the Century” by the print and radio media. This presentation includes tracing the evidence used to convict Bruno Hauptman of the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh, Jr. It addresses how some of the evidence would be analyzed today, and discusses the connection of the Lindbergh case to Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Calais Coach as an interesting side note.

d. Jan 31st – Ancient Mysteries

This lecture illustrates how modern forensic techniques are used to unravel mysteries of the past, such as those surrounding Otzi, the Ice Man, the Bog People of Denmark, the Peruvian mummies, and even the vampire folklore of Eastern Europe. Otzi is probably the most analyzed set of remains in the history of archaeology. Glimpse the past lives and cultures of these ancient, mysterious beings.

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